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Winner of the 2023 Moonbeam Bronze Medal for Best Children's Book Series - Non-Fiction

A book series by Diane Robbins Jones featuring her real horse who tells the stories. Educational, entertaining, and beautifully illustrated for kids ages 6-11.

Rudy 3 cover with medallion

The Adventures of Rudy the Rudster

Rudy cover with medallion

A Big Horse with a Big Heart

He takes readers on a journey through the high’s and low’s as he and Diane begin to work together, learn to trust each other, and eventually develop a deep bond.


Rudy 2 cover with medallion

Rudy 2
Trailers, Pigs and New Friends

In Rudy 2, Rudy moves to a new stable where he struggles to fit in with a new herd and is bullied.  He reaffirms that he dislikes trailers, learns that pigs are terrifying, and meets a new horse who becomes a good friend.


Rudy 3 cover with medallion

Rudy 3
Change Can Be Good

Rudy encounters many new challenges and changes during his latest adventures. In each case, he is scared about what's to come, but he ultimately faces each fear with bravery. 


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About Rudy

Rudy is 19 years old. He was born on April 11, 2005. He’s a gorgeous thoroughbred that stands 16.1 hands tall and weighs 1,300 pounds. Rudy is charismatic, sensitive, cautious and playful. He loves to eat apples, carrots, celery and watermelon.  He is truly a love!

rudy the rudster

Book Reviews

"From the moment I picked up this book I was captivated-from the beautiful illustration of Rudy on the cover through all of Rudy's antics and "growing up pains." The author has an incredible literary gift-the gift of being able to give us "Rudy's thoughts and feelings" in a honest and fun way. I learned so much about horses and their care which was so easily and naturally woven into the storyline. Hands down a GREAT book! Bought two so I could donate one to my local library for all the young and older readers to enjoy!"


"Rudy: A Big Horse With A Big Heart is the story of a horse trained for racing and then for dressage in Saratoga, New York. When neither works out, he is sent to a horse farm in Portsmouth, New Hampshire where he eventually becomes the author's horse. Rudy narrates experiences such as getting loose with two other horses and tying up traffic, being adjusted by a chiropractor and learning to trust his caring and patient owner. Readers will love Rudy and the beautiful illustrations. Those unfamiliar with horses will appreciate appendices that include the illustrated parts of a horse, gaits, grooming tools, ways horses communicate and fun horse facts. Good for a wide age range."

"If you have a special child in your life who loves horses, RUDY THE BIG HORSE WITH THE BIG HEART is the book for both of you. Share this book together. Make a memory for you both by sharing the magical illustrations, fun horse facts, and inside look at the world of horses through the eyes of Rudy himself. Any child who has ever been on a horse, owned a horse or dreams of horses will love RUDY - THE BIG HORSE WITH THE BIG HEART...and that same child will love you even more for giving them the gift of RUDY."

Irene Tomkinson

Jeff Nims

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