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About Us

Diane Robbins Jones and Rudy the Rudster
- Diane Robbins Jones, Author -

At the age of 50 my life long dream of owning a horse came true! After a couple years of working with Rudy a story started flowing through me, begging to be shared.  As I reflected on what I knew of Rudy's life, I began seeing parallels between experiences he had gone through and the things some children go through.  A lack of choice, people coming and going from his life, and abandonment.


My goals for writing Rudy - A Big Horse With A Big Heart were to have kids fall in love with Rudy by making him relatable through sharing his experiences and emotions.  At the same time, I wanted to educate children about horses.  My hope is that through reading my books kids develop an understanding and appreciation for these magnificent animals.

The Rudy Book Series will consist of three chapter books.  Each book stands on its own or bought as a set kids will be delighted by the many adventures, mishaps, and surprises of Rudy's life while learning what makes horses tick.  Books are complete with beautiful color illustrations, horse anatomy, an equine glossary of terms, and 20 Fun Horse Facts. 

Diane Robbins Jones and Rudy the Rudster
- Rudy-

Rudy, or The Rudster as he's often called, is 18. He was born on April 10, 2005. He’s a gorgeous thoroughbred that stands 16 hands tall and weighs 1,300 pounds. Rudy is charismatic, sensitive, cautious and playful. He loves to eat apples, carrots, celery and watermelon.  He is truly a love!

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