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The Lunge Line

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

It occurred to me that he was just another big horse, forever testing me to see if I'd hold my ground, often succeeding in moving my feet, disrespecting me, and pushing through my boundaries. 

With this epiphany, I imagined him on the end of a lunge line and I watched as he came in toward me time and time again.  Calmly and resolutely, I sent him out to the end of the rope, around and around we went.  He repeatedly tested me, trying to move my feet as he always had but I was steadfast.  I watched him pace, lie, and try to bargain his way out of the situation. My feet remained planted.  I did this with a calmness I never thought possible.  I felt different, stronger, surer of myself and the outcome I wanted. I successfully maintained my position while not allowing him to coerce, guilt, badger, or bully me into giving in.  Like a horse, it took a while for him to realize I wasn't going to move but without much fanfare he eventually stopped, apologized and it was over just like it would be with a horse. 

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